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Hello and welcome to Vegan Gohan.

I am Erina. I was born and raised in Japan but move to the U.S in 2004.

I live in VA, USA with my husband and three daughters.

We had been eating pretty healthy but we immediately quit eating meat
after watched Cowspiracy in Sep. 2015.
We couldn't give up with dairy for a few month after we quit eating meat but now
we are vegan and we are glad that we made this decision.

I always loved to cook and was good at creating different kind of food.
The switch to making vegan food was not difficult, but I had never written down recipes of what I had cooked.
I decided to start recipe blog because sometimes, people ask me for recipes and thought
it'd be nice if I could share my recipes with other people.

I try to make the recipes simple and easy as much as I can.

Oh, by the way, Gohan means rice or meals in Japanese and my blog name means "Vegan Meal".

I hope you enjoy my recipes!


こんにちは&ようこそVegan Gohanへ。





Erina says...""
Test test
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Natalia says..."Thank you for sharing your recipes!"
Hello, I am a vdgan Spanish college student that is planning to stay in Japan for a month this summer and this blog is helping me get a rough idea of things I could cook there myself with traditional Japanese ingredients.

I am really looking forward to see more of your recIves :) The Japanese translation helps me practice Japanese as well which is great.

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Natalia says..."Woops"
エリナさん** :)
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Erina says..."Re: Thank you for sharing your recipes!"

That's so great that you are going to stay in Japan this summer!
I am sure you are really excited.

I've been too busy to create recipes+update my blog recently but hopefully,
I will be able to post some new recipes soon!!

I hope you will have wonderful time in Japan!

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